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Free 📝

$0.00 /month

Available for everybody to use & try RoadToJobs in minimal usage.

  • 5 interview journeys
  • 15 company-items per journey
  • Basic analytics
  • Community & 72-hour support
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Premium ⭐️

$7.99 /month

Exclusive usage with tremendous features from RoadToJobs for awesome job-seekers.

  • Unlimited interview journeys
  • Unlimited company-items
  • Advanced analytics
  • Access to the huge Companies database
  • Dedicated support response time (~24 hours)
  • Proactive reminder email notifications
  • And many other premium-only features...
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Self-hosted version

Deploy & manage RoadToJobs OSS version manually from your machine/server/VPS,...

Min.requirement: Linux 1-core & 1GB RAM ($5.00+ in Vultr/DigitalOcean/...)

Free-forever (GitHub)

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