The RoadToJobs

RoadToJobs's Features

RoadToJobs offers an extraordinary list of features complemented by an impeccable UI/UX design, guaranteeing that your interview notes are elevated to an unparalleled level of excellence.

The Journey Starts

Create the journey everytime you want to find out:

  • A new & awesome opportunity
  • Where you are on the map
  • Review the current market rates
  • ...
The Interview Journey Management

Lovely Journey Items

Create many journey items as you like mirrored to your real-life interviews/job-seeking process. Proactively manage every stage and jot down every detail for each company.

Spoiler-alert: DRAG & DROP 😍

Journey Items of Journey

Quickly review old notes 🏃‍

When reapplying to a company that you had experience with, RoadToJobs will show up all of your old notes.

You'd check your old notes, list down the missing pieces of your previous journey, then getting well-prepared before jumping into the next interview 💪

And then, interview with super high confident 😎

The RoadToJobs Old Notes

And keep track with the Avoid-list 👀

There always have some companies would give you bad experience, bad offer, etc. Wouldn't that lovely when you can manage all of that?

You don't have to remember that, RoadToJobs will give you the notes ⭐️

Exclusively on RoadToJobs 😎

RoadToJobs Avoidlist management

Manage your roads in awesomeness

We build RoadToJobs on our REAL interview experience, and we will help you to note and list down everything per company.

The RoadToJobs Analytics

Analyze your performance

Every data must be utilized perfectly in order to find the improvements, blockers,... The same goes for your interview journeys.

Check out our built-in analytic feature 🚀.

The RoadToJobs Analytics

And a lot more, check out now 🥰!!

Advance your interviewing journeys
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Get rid of the pain of revisiting the previous interview processes, previous companies,...
Note now today, happy time tomorrow!